Highest Quality and His Price Was Competitive and Fair

To whom it may concern,

After our first conversation with Mike we knew we were speaking to an expert and professional in his field. He personally came out and accessed the wood siding on our Lake George cottage providing us with several options and estimates.

He understood our concerns. We wanted to keep the integrity of the wood, yet a priority was maintenance on an aging structure. He provided us with the perfect solution of a solid cedar stain
which not only looks beautiful but maintains the quality of the paint job for many years to come. We worked together as the siding was completed waiting to decide on a trim until we saw the completed siding. When we choose the trim, it was the perfect choice! And we did this all through pictures. We were back at our home in Virginia when Mike and his crew were painting our cottage and his constant communication through pictures and email as the project unfolded made us feel that we were just as much a part of the project as if we were there in person.
In addition he repaired a hole in the back wall of our cottage, pruned bushes and trees close to the back wall and even took down our old gutters that were to be replaced the following week!
Working with Mike on this project has been a great experience. Actually a lot of fun! I’m pretty sure you can’t say that about a lot of home projects. His work is of the highest quality and his price was competitive and fair. Combine that with “off the chart customer service” something my husband and I as owners of a small business value greatly.

Thanks Mike