A Guide To The Perfect Painting Palette

The color palette for a painting is one of the most important decisions that the artist has to make. The same can be applied to a homeowner and house painting. In the same way that colors have a significant impact on how a painting is perceived by the viewer, the color of a house impacts how visitors experience a property. Colors can evoke different emotions, create moods, and set the tone for a project. At 1-800-PAINT-JOB in Queensbury, we help clients transform their homes into beautiful pieces of art. Continue reading to learn how you can do the same — and don’t forget to contact our team for help!

Establish Intentions

Before you start painting your house, you need to have a goal in mind for how your home will look. Brainstorm different color schemes for the room you are painting. If you want to paint your entire house with a particular color, then make sure that it is on point for the project.

Understand Color Theory

The color wheel helps homeowners and designers see what colors work well together. Look at one and determine whether your palette will be warm (red, yellow, and orange hues) or cold (purple, blue, and green hues). Additionally, having a feel for different color schemes such as triadic or monochromatic combinations will help your palette have cohesion.

Consider Finishes

When it comes to repainting a house, you need to also consider the features other than the walls. Kitchen cabinets, for instance, play a substantial role in your color palette. Fixed finishes like floors and cabinets may dictate whether the relationships in your palette work or not. At 1-800-PAINT-JOB, our kitchen cabinet refinishing services in Queensbury can help you find a color that suits your kitchen.

Test Your Lighting

Use large color swatches and observe them in the lighting of your home. This will show you how your palette interacts with your home atmosphere at different times of the day.

Once you have put together the perfect color palette for your home, reach out to a house painting company that can put it into action. Calling 1-800-PAINT-JOB in Queensbury can help you with your painting projects from cabinet refinishing to interior and exterior painting.


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