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You may not realize it, but painting is as much about the process a painter uses as the painter himself. At 1-800-PAINT-JOB, we leave little to chance because we always follow the same exact process.

This process is our “differentiator” and it has allowed us to consistently build a reputation for reliability in the entire Queensbury market & surrounding areas. Here is what it looks like in the early phase of your project.

Here is What We Do When Getting Started


When we arrive at your project, the first thing we do is create a game plan on how we are going to systematically paint your project. 

The second thing we do is set up a solid staging area for the paint, our equipment, and our tools.


We always use tape, mask everything, and cover floors along with other items to ensure your personal items are clean and free of paint throughout the entire process.


This is the stage where we work on minor and major repair areas. This includes scraping, sanding, patching, and priming. More than half the project can be involved in this step!

Once we properly prepared your painting project by planning, staging, protecting, and preparing, we move onto producing your project daily in a way that gives our customers confidence and peace of mind.

Here Are a Couple Things We Ensure Are Excellent During Your Painting Project:


We do our very best to make sure we cover your surfaces completely and consistently with the appropriate amount of thickness.


Every day, we do our best to organize the work site to minimally disturb your environment.


If you have questions, we do our best to listen and address any concerns promptly and thoroughly.

Any painting contractor can estimate a project and most can at least "get started" but we always want to make sure we "finish well." We believe that focusing on an excellent customer experience and leaving a happy, satisfied customer has been the key to our success.

Here is How We "Wrap Up" Your Project and Leave You 100% Satisfied!


Before we call your project complete and accept payment, we ask you to walk through the project so we may address anything that has escaped our attention.


We ask all our customers to evaluate us on our performance so we may continually improve. We also have project wrap up sheets we go over before we depart.


If you do not feel we provided you with a neat, professional painting project, we will do our best to make it right. If we can’t satisfy you, we will bring in another one of our teams free of charge to address your concerns.


We stand behind all workmanship and products with warranties on all projects. In truth, if you have issues past that point, we still want you to contact our office to make it right!

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