Interior House Painting in Glens Falls, Saratoga & Albany

The NUMBER 1 rule in our company is “PROTECT EVERYTHING!”

The little extra time it takes to make sure everything is covered and protected correctly, saves a ton of possible headaches. Cleanup is much easier and that means you’ll be much happier!

Our simple three step process to interior painting:


We discuss colors and use of the room that we’re painting for you. Use or purpose of the room will dictate what suggestions we make for “sheen” and “type” of paint.

Part of the planning of interior painting is creating a “painting map” that reduces the amount of intrusion into your daily life. It is a home improvement project but we understand that it’s your home and we respect that.


Refer to rule #1… Protect Everything!

We cover floors, vanities, light fixtures and furniture with light plastic or rosin paper.

We fill any nail holes or repair drywall damage prior to painting and spot prime.


The final product depends heavily on the first two steps being done correctly.

Ceilings are painted first, trim second and walls last.

Believe it or not, we tape off the trim before we paint the walls for the straightest lines and highest quality outcome.

We do a thorough cleaning and put furniture back to its original locations.

Every decision in our company starts with the following question “What’s best for our customer?”

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